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PRISONER OF A DRUG WAR by Anthony Oertel

The war on drugs
Is a war on us
There's nothing to discuss

An Attorney General leads an army
Who will harm
Will disarm me

Five-O is an army of occupation
Under God we're not one nation
It's a government invasion

If they send us to prison
They don't have to listen
A generation is missin'

They built a cell for me
A hell for me
For my felony
We're not the enemy
But my men and me
Are history

If dealing weren't a crime
I'd have my own five-and-dime
Selling chronic down aisle nine

One vote, one man
That was the plan
Unless you live in Oakland

They took away my right to vote
But I found an antidote
This is what I wrote
My Declaration of Independence
To mend us
To end this

A little warning to anyone
Who will hunt me or confront me
I'm getting older
and colder
and bolder

I'm a prisoner of war
Come to settle the score
If you stop me, there's a thousand more